Private Charter Four Islands Tour

This is a very popular tour and you will undoubtably see it advertised all over Ko Lanta. It takes you island hopping between some of the most beautiful islands off Trang Province, south of Ko Lanta.

You will enjoy a great mix of beaches, snorkeling and stunning views with plenty of time to snorkel around some limestone karst islands, visit the impressive Emerald Cave at Ko Mook and chill out on the beautiful tropical beach at Ko Hai.


Koh Cheok

Koh Cheok is a limestone karst island surrounded by steep cliffs on all sides, and our usually our first stop for some snorkeling. Be sure not to miss the stunning limestone formations and large stalactites hanging over the cliffs.

Ko Mook & Emerald Cave

Swimming into the amazing Emerald Cave or ‘Tham Morakot’ is one of the highlights of this trip. We swim 80 meters through a wide limestone tunnel finally emerging in a hidden lagoon in the center of the island surrounded by 100 meter high cliffs. Like some sort of ancient pre-historic forgotten land, the lagoon is surrounded by pristine jungle with huge tropical plants and ferns attached to the cliffs – the only thing missing are the pterodactyls circling overhead! This is a truly unique and memorable experience and not to be missed

Ko Waen

Koh Waen is another limestone karst island similar to Koh Cheok, while snorkeling keep look our for parrotfish, giant clams, angelfish, and of course clownfish – otherwise known as Nemo.

Ko Ngai / Hai

Ko Ngai (sometimes called Ko Hai) is a beautiful island partly owned by the National Parks of Thailand. Pristine jungle, white sand beaches and wonderful snorkeling with spectacular views over the azure blue ocean to the southern islands. There’s a few small resorts here grouped together under the coconut palms by the beach. We’ll stop here for lunch and you are free to explore the white coral sand beach and surrounding area, swim and snorkel in the shallow water off the beach.

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Talabang & Ko Bubu

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